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    GUIL, F., COLOMER, M.A., MORENO-OPO, R., & MARGALIDA, A. (2015) Space-time trends in Spanish bird electrocution rates from alternative information sources. Global Ecology and Conservation 3: 379-388.
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    KANE, A., JACKSON, A.L., MONADJEM, A., COLOMER, M.A. & MARGALIDA, A. (2015) Carrion ecology modelling for vulture conservation: are vulture restaurants needed to sustain the densest breeding population of the African White-backed Vulture? Animal Conservation 18: 279-286.
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    MORENO-OPO, R., TRUJILLANO, A. & MARGALIDA, A. (2015) Optimization of supplementary feeding programs for European vultures depend on environmental and management factors. Ecosphere 6: 127.
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    MORENO-OPO, R., TRUJILLANO, A., ARREDONDO, A., GONZÁLEZ, L.M. & MARGALIDA, A. (2015) Manipulating size, amount and appearance of food inputs to optimize supplementary feeding programs for European vultures. Biological Conservation 181 : 27-35.
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    MORALES-REYES, Z., PEREZ-GARCIA, J.M., MOLEÓN, M., BOTELLA, F., CARRETE, M., LAZCANO, C., MORENO-OPO, R., MARGALIDA, A., DONÁZAR, J.A. & SÁNCHEZ-ZAPATA, J.A. (2015) Supplanting ecosystem services provided by scavengers raises greenhouse gas emissions. Scientific Reports 5 : 7811.
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