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    BORTOLOTTI, G.R., GONZÁLEZ, L.M., MARGALIDA, A., SÁNCHEZ, R. & ORIA, J. (2008). Positive assortative pairing by plumage colour in Spanish imperial eagles. Behavioural Processes, 78: 100-107.
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    HERNÁNDEZ, M. & MARGALIDA, A. (2008). Pesticide abuse in Europe: effects on the Cinereous vulture (Aegypius monachus) population in Spain. Ecotoxicology, 17: 264-272.
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    GONZÁLEZ, L.M., ORIA, J., SÁNCHEZ, R., MARGALIDA, A., ARANDA, A., PRADA, L., CALDERA, J. & MOLINA, J.I. (2008). Status and habitat changes in the endangered Spanish Imperial Eagle Aquila adalberti population during 1974-2004: implications for its recovery. Bird Conservation International, 18: 242-259.
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    GONZÁLEZ, L.M., MARGALIDA, A., MAÑOSA, S., SÁNCHEZ, R., ORIA, R., MOLINA, J.I., ARANDA, A., CALDERA, J. PRADA, L. (2007). Causes and spatio-temporal variations of non-natural mortality in the Vulnerable Spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti) during a recovery period. Oryx, 41: 495-502.
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    GONZÁLEZ, L.M., ARROYO, B.E., MARGALIDA, A., ORIA, J. & SÁNCHEZ, R. (2007). Can buffer zones have detrimental effects on conservation of Spanish imperial eagle Aquila adalberti? Animal Conservation, 10: 295-296.